Eroti-glass by Wilson

With original and sensual creations, Wilson is taking stained-glass crafting in new directions...

All glass pieces displayed on this site are 100% hand-crafted and are the original designs and patterns of the artisan.  Wilson strives for uniqueness with such ideas as her large standing suncatchers.  Most images contain nudity and depict sexual themes that may be offensive to some.  

They call me Wilson

"Wilson" is the nickname (reflecting how she's seen at the neighbour's fence) and pseudonym for a regular mom, living in 'small town' Ontario, creating her glass pieces at home in her spare time.  

Wilson learned the art of stained glass from her father and on his passing she inherited his work shop.  Inspired by a nude pattern she had designed for her father many years ago, which he then rendered beautifully in glass, and by her own imagination, Wilson branched out beyond traditional styles to a more sensuous and erotic nature.  Freed from the constraints of conformity, Wilson has become a prolific eroti-glass artist.  Her work celebrates the strength of the uninhibited female.

Wilson made her public debut in Dec.'08 in a show called "Off Canvas" at the Parkdale Gallery in Ottawa. 

For purchasing information and custom orders please email Wilson at

Payments accepted through PayPal. 

Prices listed are in Canadian dollars and do not include shipping.  Free delivery in the Ottawa area.

Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome and thanks to all for visiting our site!


Let passion loose!





Many of Wilson's pieces are for show and sale at Grunts & Giggles, a division of Iron Legends in Smiths Falls, Ontario.  Please visit their website at


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