Eroti-glass by Wilson

Miss June



Miss June '08 was the FIRST EROTIC creation by Wilson and marked her departure from more traditional works...

Featuring bright auburn hair, light peach skin and a black opaque ankle cuff, she measures approximately 49 cm in height by 33 cm width (19 x 13") and hangs by 41 cm chains.


Miss July



Miss July features rich brown hair, deep red bodice, bright blue blindfold and wrist cuff and tanned skin.

She measures 58 cm tall by 33 cm at her widest point (23 1/2 x 13") and hangs by silver chain.


Miss August



The colours used in this piece are stunning in the sunlight!  Miss August measures approximately 49 cm by 33 cm (19 x 13") and hangs by silver chains 43 cm in length.  A dangling chain from the ankle cuff completes the piece. 





Eve is a standing suncatcher/centrepiece measuring 50 x 36 cm, 20 x 14". 

With a clear, yet decorative, glass base, she can blend into any surface.

Is she pensive?  Submissive?  Or merely elegant?





Using various shades and textures of blue glass, Miss November stands 49.5 cm tall and has a width of 29.5 cm (19 1/4 x 11 3/4"). 

This standing suncatcher features a mirror base upon which rests the chain attached to her ankle cuff and anything else you'd like to place such as candles.


Primal Playmate


Earth tones, navy blue blindfold, wrist and ankle cuffs, combined with ample chain, contribute to the primal feel of Miss September... She softens with sunlight. She measures approximately 49 cm in height by 33 cm width (19 x 13").













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