Eroti-glass by Wilson

"THE Hold"


Approximately 37 cm tall with a 40 cm base width (14 1/2 x 15 3/4"), standing suncatcher/candle base with a name that says it all... 



"Sharon's Request"


This was a commissioned piece by a woman in L.A. who asked Wilson to design one showing two women sharing a ball gag as a present for her boyfriend.  (Wilson thinks everyone should be so lucky to have such a girlfriend!)  The wrist and ankle cuffs are made of mirror and silver chains bind the cuffs together. 


Thanks for making such a request Sharon!



"The Metamorphosis"

Wilson liked Sharon's Request so much she did a variation...

This Kafkaesque hanging suncatcher measures 53 x 35 cm. Out of the pod emerges two almost identical women joined by a shared ball gag and wrist cuffs.  The glass colours transform into different shades pending light direction and intensity.






62cm hanging domme

Purple glass for cap and boots, red for lips and bustier, skin in part white glass, part peach, hair, billy club and boot trim in black glass and mirror (of course) for the shades.

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"Let's Play"


           This little lady (and her variations as seen below) is a standing piece measuring 39x20 cm (15 1/4 x 8").


"Remembering Little Bear"

This sub male hanging suncatcher measures approximately 47x32cm and looks great on a 'rack'.  Thanks for the inspiration Little Bear!

This piece is solder signed by Wilson. 



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