Eroti-glass by Wilson

Vanilla Pussy

Cause everybody needs a sense of humour...

 Custom colour pussies at your request


 A Wilson animated gif...(This one's for David at Thanks for the interview!) 




A life-sized stiletto.  Simple but sexy.  

Great conversation piece!

Sweat Shop Sissy liked his; check it out at





Give a nude wings and purple hair and she becomes innocent and magical...

Mother Earth

Or adorn her with local flora and call her mother earth....



 Lone Rose

Choose your colours and tell Wilson how you envision your glass creation...

The Wedding Piece



Wilson originally designed this piece as a present for her brother and his bride.  The accent colours are intended to be the same as the wedding colours.  On her brother's piece, Wilson permanently etched the names/date on the glass piece but is now opting for hand painting such details on the glass. (Thus in the unhappy event of marriage dissolution, the names/date can be scraped off and the piece re-gifted!)

The most personal and unique (being a one of a kind creation) gift you could give, sure to make the women cry.


Welcome to my pad, Lily!


Courting frogs, multi-use suncatcher.  Very cute.

Excellent as a table center piece holding napkins, salt & pepper shakers, etc...

Great at night with tea lights on the lily pad base.


Canada Goose:  Wilson's original signature piece


With a wing span of more than 1 1/2 feet, this was the first non-erotic signature piece created by Wilson.  'Signature' meaning that no two pieces created by Wilson would ever be the same due to the fact that the wing feathers are free hand cut (rather than pattern based) and then the clear circular supporting rim is designed afterwards based on final wing contours.


Cert of Authenticity

All Wilson pieces come with a Certificate of Authenticity specific to the glass piece and detailed care and handling instructions. 


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